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Fruit Gardening
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…no matter your climate zone

Even in far-northern gardening zones where temperatures regularly hit subzero lows, you can successfully garden fruit, nuts and spices of all sizes, shapes and colors! Learn about growing in zones 4 and colder, including when to grow fruit indoors… in containers… on a windowsill… or in the ground.

Find Cold-Hardy Fruit Cultivars

Where to find cold-hardy fruit cultivars, how to winterize your orchards for subzero winters, identifying microclimates, and more about growing stone fruit, bramble berries, soft fruit, and more in zones 4 and colder.

Lemons, pomegranates, bananas, avocados, and so much more. Learn about how to grow tropical and subtropical fruits & spices in pots and containers on your windowsill, even in subzero weather.

Grow Peaches & Sweet Cherries in Northern Zones

The Complete Mini-Guides to Growing Windowsill Potted Fruit Trees

Ever considered growing lemon trees or pomegranate trees indoors? These simple guidebooks provide all the information you need to grow and harvest from fruit trees container-grown on your patio or windowsill. Available in paperback and ebook formats!
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Growing Fruit in Zones 4 and Colder

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I grow all kinds of fruit (among other things) in zone 4 America. Trees, bush & bramble, and vine struggle to survive a Northeast winter… especially when you are obsessed with growing subtropicals and other fruit trees not suited to cold climates.

(Oh, and heads up. My flock of ducks may photo-bomb here and there. They’re like that.)

All Articles on Soft Fruit


Grow Tropical Fruit in Pots on a Windowsill!

Look no further for articles on growing tropical and subtropical fruits indoors on a windowsill. Container-grown banana trees? Check. Potted Lemon trees? Absolutely. Pomegranates, avocados, and pineapples? Grow any of them yourself, no matter what climate zone you live in!
(Unless maybe you live in Antarctica. In that case, no promises).

Growing Lemon Trees in Containers Indoors

Growing Windowsill Pomegranates

Growing Potted Banana Trees

Growing Other Subtropical Fruit Trees Indoors