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If you’ve been too afraid to try container-growing subtropical fruit trees indoors on your windowsill, I can sympathize. These tender-climate trees tend to be very picky about EVERYTHING in their growing environment; the amount of light, the humidity, the soil, the temperature, the amount of water, even what type of pot you plant them in…

…but there’s hope out there! Of all the subtropical fruit trees I’ve ever grown in pots, the pomegranate is by FAR the toughest I’ve ever had. This incredibly resilient little tree is wildly hardy in comparison to other warm-climate fruit trees, and sometimes I wonder if it even can be killed.

However, just because the tree is incredibly tough doesn’t mean that it won’t benefit from some expert care. If you are looking to improve your chances of a reasonable harvest, you need to provide the right growing environment… and this post covers some of the most common questions and answers about growing pomegranates indoors in pots.

Have other questions about growing pomegranate trees on your windowsill? Check for the answers in my book! The Complete Mini-Guide to Growing Windowsill Pomegranate Trees: A Reference Manual for Northern-Zone Gardeners is now for sale in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon.

For less than the cost of a pack of seeds or a fancy cup of coffee, you can now snag a copy of this quick how-to manual as a reference guide in your windowsill tropical fruit tree adventures. Not sure what you’re looking at? Excerpts from the book are contained in articles sprinkled across this blog, so the type of information you find here is the same that you’ll find in the book — only the book is more extensive, detailed, somewhat more organized, and ever-so-slightly less sarcastic.

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