Blackberries seem to inspire debate wherever they go.

And why not? The pros and cons of growing blackberries in a home garden are so varied. Their taste is certainly unique in the fruit world, without the intense sweetness of a strawberry or the puckery sourness of a tart cherry. The fruit is large and abundant – but so are most cultivar’s thorns!

The blackberry propagates readily, expanding your fruit crop… and also expanding into your neighbors’ yards. The fruit size means fewer needed for a jar of jam, but the size of the seeds is such a bother.

In short, the blackberry is a fruit that gardeners either love or you hate. For me, even though the fruit isn’t at the top of my list, the production power and easy growing habit of the canes put it high on my “love” list. Even for gardeners in zone 4, the blackberry is worth adding to the garden!

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