I’m pleased to announce that my latest book, The Complete Mini-Guide to Growing Windowsill Pomegranate Trees: A Reference Manual for Northern-Zone Gardeners has officially been launched and is for sale in ebook and paperback formats on Amazon!

For less than the cost of a pack of seeds or a fancy cup of coffee, you can now snag a copy of this quick how-to manual as a reference guide in your windowsill tropical fruit tree adventures. Not sure what you’re looking at? Excerpts from the book are contained in articles sprinkled across this blog, so the type of information you find here is the same that you’ll find in the book — only the book is more extensive, detailed, somewhat more organized, and ever-so-slightly less sarcastic. For more info, I have copied the promo blurb from Amazon below:


Grow Potted Pomegranate Trees Indoors – Even in the Far North!

Have you ever wondered if you can grow a pomegranate tree from seed? If it’s possible to keep a container-grown pomegranate tree healthy indoors on your windowsill? Whether a potted pomegranate will ever produce fruit? What temperatures it can tolerate?

The answers have arrived! The Complete Mini-Guide to Growing Windowsill Pomegranate Trees is a compact, practical manual on how to plant, tend, propagate and harvest container-grown pomegranates indoors on your own windowsill. The guide answers questions on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Introduction to Pomegranate Trees
  • Purchasing a Container-Friendly Pomegranate
  • Growing Pomegranate Trees From Seed or Cuttings
  • Establishing the Ideal Windowsill Growing Environment
  • Correct Soil & Fertilizer, Pot Size, Watering and Drainage
  • Temperature, Humidity and Lighting
  • Pruning, Pollination, Thinning, Fruit Support, and Ripening
  • Troubleshooting: Insect Damage
  • Nutritional Deficiencies & Toxicities
  • and more!

Designed to provide conversational, practical advice for the beginning windowsill gardener just starting to explore growing potted subtropical fruit trees indoors, The Complete Mini-Guide to Growing Windowsill Pomegranate Trees is an invaluable reference manual in a compact, easy-read format.


As with my Complete Mini-Guide to Growing Windowsill Lemons book published in 2022, I really prefer the paperback version of this pomegranate manual… even though I actually make less money per copy sold than the ebook version (as of the time of this blog post, anyway). As a hard-core reader myself, I have always preferred a hard-copy version whenever I am using a book as a reference manual or other gardening guide; it’s easier to find my place, remember what I need to cross-reference, or refer to in the future. Yes, I am old school. But the paperback formatting is so much nicer, I have to plug it here. Yeah, it’s a few bucks more expensive, but although the text is the same as the ebook, I vote for the hard copy.

So that’s my two cents on the formats, and once again, here is the link to purchase The Complete Mini-Guide to Growing Windowsill Pomegranates. Any concerns with the book content, or ideas for additional blog posts or chapters? Reach out and let me know!

Interested in learning about how to grow pomegranates in containers on your windowsill, but not ready to make a purchase? Read excerpts from the book I’ve posted on this site – growing potted pomegranates indoors: pollination, and tips on choosing a pomegranate tree: three varieties suited for growing on a windowsill.

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